11 Songs That Will Always Make Your Smile

The Christian music industry has evolved over the years, yet each piece, from the classics to the contemporary grips the soul each time they are listened to.

The best Christian music artists know how to call on the Holy Spirit with slow tunes as well as with the raps.

The list below comprises 10 different types of songs put together to help you discover your own playlist that will always put a smile on your face.


1. How Great is our God– We all know that He is bigger and greater than anything else. Words are not enough to describe His name reaching the full definition of His greatness. He is very powerful that our mind could not imagine. He is great truly great!.


2. Here we are to Worship– Sometimes when God meets with us we don’t quite know how to respond properly. It’s often too much for us to take in. Hopefully, in a small way the chorus captures that: ‘Here I am to worship. Here I am to bow down. Here I am to say that you’re my God. You’re altogether lovely, worthy, wonderful.’


3. Alpha and Omega– The song has brought healing and grace to millions of people across the globe. Considered a classic by some, Isreal and New Breed definitely held nothing back delivering those soul lifting notes.


4. If HE did Before– This song reminds us that, God is the same God that brought us through struggles and that he will do it again. powerful upbeat song by Tye Tribbett


5. No Weapon– This song declares God’s promise to us and reminds us that He will stand by His word And He will come through because No weapon formed against me shall prosper.


6. Open the Eyes – With the soul catching piece, which asks the Lord to open the eyes of our hearts. Worshipping in a manner that brings your burdens to their knees, and your lips threaded with smiles of exaltation.


7. Days of Elijah – One of the most sung in churches all over the world, it preaches of redemption and holding on to faith. The believer’s dream is reflected in the lyrics telling of past prophets, God’s glory, His coming, and salvation.  Definitely brings to your ears hope, joy and hallelujahs.


8. Breath on Us –  brings down the Spirit with this very beautiful tune. The 4 times Dove award winner croons in a manner synonymous to her that not only puts a smile on your face but also puts steps to your feet.


9. He Is Able-God-inspired wisdom and Kingdom-shaped truth. In every season, in every situation, being reminded that “God Is Able” can help keep hearts on fire and lives on track.


10. All I Need is You – Bringing home the temptations Christians face every day,  with this song tells that the believers aren’t alone in their fight and of God’s golden presence that remains through and regardless of our failures.  relays the message beautifully in customary rap glory.


11. I Won’t go Back– Encouraging song that allows you to look at the things God brought you out of and you encourage yourself by singing I’m never going back, I can’t go back! Spirit filed song.

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