5 Classic Christian Movies

These classic picks are based on awards, popularity and highest grossing movies that are at least over a decade old.

benhur Ben-Hur – 1954

Ben Hur is one of the most successful Christian movies of all time, so good that it has been adapted five times as a movie but the gold record still goes to the third adaptation that set an unbeaten Christian movie record of most awards with 11 Oscar wins. The movie is an adaptation of the novel Ben-Hur written in 1880 by Lew Wallace that tells a story of a Jewish prince Judas Ben-Hur who had his own life struggles to deal with but at several points had encounters with Jesus Christ.

sound of music Sound of Music -1965

Sound of music makes this list because it is among the most successful musicals made so far and won five academy awards. The movie is an adaptation of a stage musical titled Sound of music, the plot of the movie is about a young woman who is studying to be a nun being transferred to be a governess to seven children of a widower and retired naval officer.

the passion of christ The Passion of Christ – 2004

The passion of Christ is the most recent of movies featured on this list, but not the least relevant. What gives passion of Christ its stellar reputation is that it is the highest grossing Christian movie. The movie is about the biblical story of the last 12 hours of Jesus’ life painted in a graphic way that makes the movie R-rated.

The robe The Robe – 1953

The Robe holds a record of being the first movie released in widescreen and won three awards. The plot features the story of an ancient Roman soldier Marcellus Gallio who was in charge of the soldiers that crucified Jesus and won his robe. Marcellus had a Greek slave Demetrius and the movie is about the encounters of Marcellus and Demetrius with the robe.

The ten comm The Ten Commandments – 1956

The Ten Commandments 1956 movie is a classic to watch, it was the highest grossing film of its year, won one academy award among its seven nominations with few movies in its decade that have grossed more than it in dollars. It was considered a historically significant movie worthy of preservation by the United States Film Registry.

It is based on several books, it is about the life of Moses from when he was an Egyptian prince to when he received the Ten Commandments.

These five movies have made lasting statements in their time and are still excellent picks for a movie night, just remember to watch out for the r-rated one.

Mar 5, 2018 Blogger Life Essence UK

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  1. I have watched a few movies that are on the list and they are just as incredible as said by you. I have decided to watch others that I have not yet watched. Thanks for sharing the list.

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