See what you can achieve if you believe in YOU 


What do you think is the key to achieving your goals?

If the first things that come to your mind are discipline, hard work, dedication, perseverance or even money, then you’re right.

Only partially, because there is no possible way these attributes will play the part if they are not coming from a positive place, as they are all byproducts of self-belief.

Self-belief translates simply to be positive and confident in your abilities and competency, it is commonly manifested as a zealous determination to go where your dreams take you despite having to fail repeatedly.

We have all been told at some point in our lives that we could not achieve something! That even the thought of performing a particular task is a herculean feat on its own.

People talk, but talk is cheap!!! Their words can either strip you of your confidence or make you even more determined to prove them wrong. You have the right and power to decide how anyone or anything outside yourself can affect your attitude and control your life. The power to achieve your dreams lies in believing in yourself and your abilities. (AMEN) 


Wilma Rudolph was considered the fastest woman alive in 1960s despite suffering from various childhood illnesses, one in which rendered her wheelchair-bound. Her story is one among thousands of people, who opportunely figured out that they were brought into this world for a reason.

That they were not biological accidents and they could do whatever they wanted just by believing hard enough, putting in the required work and persevering.

You have the innate power to have faith in yourself, In the Same way you have faith that water is wet, Invest in building your self-belief.

Three major ways you can do this are counting your wins and not your losses, talking to yourself like a champion and visualizing your future successes.

Self-belief opens your eyes to opportunities around you. It brings clarity to your goals and gives you the drive to fulfill them. Believing in yourself will stimulate you to take action and to persist in trying times.

Believe in Yourself its Time to Fly…Give God something to help you with!  

Feb 22, 2018, Kelly Wooderson

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