” By the time David had finished reporting to Saul, Jonathan was deeply impressed with David- an immediate bond forged between them. He became totally committed to David. From that Point on he would be David’s number one advocate and friend”.

“Saul received David into his household that day, no more to return to the home of his father”.

Jonathan out of deep love for David made a covenant with him. He formalized it with solemn gifts: his own royal robe and weapons of armour, swords, bow, and belt.


1 Samuel 18, 1-4  Message  MSG Version of the Bible.


Have you ever met a person that you instantly connected with ? and from that moment you were down with them? You were protective of them, you respected them,  to such an extent you would be in their corner, you would only want the best for them even if it may be at your own expense.

I have had that encounter of forging close friendships with both female and male friends where at the first meeting be it at work, church, or other settings you click.  There is something, they get you, you feel able to speak with them openly being real with them yourself, sometimes that can be hard because of the journey of life.

We have faced  challenges which may have  scared us and this sometimes may prevent us  from  being totally connected  to the  friend  fearing  that he or she is   going to judge me, if I share something with them, will they judge me, will they take my idea and run with it and hurt me in the process.


A close friend of mine said to me when I had to prepare a document on a business idea and send it to them to proofread commented, that they could literally hear me in the text of the document.  In other words, they knew the big words I would often use when a small word would do. Which is not a bad thing it is the connection that friendship can have knowing us and accepting us.


I am well aware that in this selfie, instant, snapchat, social media generation.   The bonds of  friendship can be defined by the number of people you have following or liking your posts or how many  texts,

Forgive me, how many WhatsApp messages you receive?  Feeling that we are in competition impacts on us all, where there is a danger that we lose sight of true friendship and encouraging our friends to strive even if we ourselves or struggling or may lose out.


The bond that David and Jonathan had was firmly centred around God primarily, and whilst their friendship was tested over family relationship dilemmas and choices that Jonathan had to make between Saul his Father and David his friend.   The friendship prevailed.

Competition could have infested their friendship given that a promotion in David’s career came to him and was not afforded to Jonathan,  rather than sulk or get bitter for his friend’s elevation Jonathan gave David his commitment not only in gifts but in reinforcing his friendship.

Their communication with each other was key they kept their lines of communication with one another in the good times and when  David was being pursued by Jonathan’s father Saul.


I am guessing had their communication ceased during this time David may have assumed that Jonathan was also plotting against him.


If I  bring it back to our situations, its important with your friends to keep the lines of communication open.  sometimes our imagination can trick us into thinking, if we don’t hear from our friend that we have wronged them, or if we don’t hear from them remembering to place God in the centre of the friendship and ask him for guidance in how to reconnect,  re-establish the friendship.

Let us strive to maintain our close friendships which are healthy, which help each to build, rebuild, aspire, push to where God wants us to reach.  Let us value or friendships and not let competition or division occur let us instead strengthen our soulful friendships.



Father God, Abba, I praise you and worship you. Thank you for providing to me and those who have yet to encounter you with the invitation to true friendship.  Which sustains me through good times, and bad times, through the journey of life.  Let us not ever take this friendship you provide for granted.

You provided the ultimate sacrifice, that no one would be prepared to do for me sacrificing their own life for me. You did this and I  and others reading this remain eternally grateful to you.  Help us gain wisdom from your word, and keep us focused on keeping you present in of all of our friendships in terms of how we interact with our friends.

Let us aim to follow your ways and that of this months example of the bond of friendship between David and Jonathan. I bless your holy name  Amen.


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