Divorced your Testimony?



You know I’ve written two blogs already (relationship goals 1&2) and although I laid my thoughts out and my advice to those that needed it in this one I’m just going to lay my truth bare and keep it 100. Whatever I feel compelled to write believe me I’m writing it in this blog.


You know it’s funny for as long as I can remember whenever I was going through something that was painful or hard I always used to just get out a pen and paper and write, write whatever came to mind just to let the pain, the hurt and the suffering out and if I’m being really honest starting off this blog feels very much like that. Once I was done writing you know what I used to do? I used to burn the paper because I didn’t want anyone knowing my pain and my hurt.


Now a little wiser (thanks be to God) I understand and recognise that that’s what so many of us do. We hide our painful journey’s, we cover up our scars from the past & we ignore and act like we have never dealt with or done things that we are ashamed or scared to put out there into the world. We hide our testimonies because we are afraid to show weakness or vulnerability. Like we were never sinners or life was never hard for us or like there was never a moment in our life where we made a mistake that we came to deeply regret.


As I have been (& still am on) my journey to being born again I have been around many Christians, those that are born again and those who are like me, on their journey but one thing I rarely ever hear about is their testimonies & in turn, I don’t discuss mine. Why is that? I know exactly why that is because I’ve felt and done it my whole life. I’ve hid my imperfections, I’ve hid my sins & wrong doings, I’ve hid the memories that hurt me and made me feel weak. I didn’t ever share or put to light the things I had suffered and overcome in life. However, the bible tells us to not be ashamed of our stories just look at 2 Timothy 1:8 ‘’Therefore never be ashamed about the testimony of our Lord..’’ Pain makes us and teaches us things we can’t learn elsewhere, and it makes us call on God, needing him and his unfailing love.




I don’t think there is one person reading this right now that can tell me that their past or what they have been through in life has not shaped who they have chosen to be today. My point is our past helps define who we are. Our testimonies tell the story of who we were and who we are now thanks to God’s loving grace. Let us not forget that.


 REJOICE! & speak your truth and your pain because God gave you the gift of a testimony. God brought you out from that and look at the glory he has given you now. Let us not hide our testimonies no matter how tragic or painful they may be to remember but REJOICE in your journey and find thankfulness in it because our heavenly father took you from it and brought you out. Philippians 1:12 ‘’So I take pleasure in weaknesses, insults, catastrophes, persecutions, and in pressures, because of Christ.’’


A couple weeks ago I was in church and the pastor told us to separate into groups which fit us most in prayer – financial and debt pressures, prayer for health or family problems. I went to the back of the church were those who wanted to pray for family where (this is me being open). Right before the pastor began he said ‘’before we start I just want you to look around you, turn to your neighbour and tell them ‘’you are not alone’’. My neighbour looked at me and re-laid the pastor’s words and in that split second my heart and body felt 10X lighter and the worst part is I didn’t even realise how much weight I was carrying till then.


I held my neighbours’ hand who was standing beside me and placed my hand on my other neighbour who was in front of me and we started praying for each other. I just remember squeezing each other’s hands. I didn’t feel alone or burdened by my current situation. I felt loved and supported by my fellow brothers and sisters. I felt God’s presence in them driving me to push forward and persevere because my current situation isn’t me and who I am it is just a battle, an obstacle if you like that I must overcome.



So, I say to you it is so important to share our testimonies with one another because there are others who may cross your path going through the things you have gone through and God has placed them there so you can speak on your testimony and offer your fellow brother or sister some guidance and support. LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOURS AS YOU LOVE YOURSELVES.


& I don’t know about you but looking back on the past if I came across a person who had gone through depression at 13/14 and spoke to me about how they got out by faith it would have helped me so much and I’m sure that some of you looking back could have really had someone who had gone through similar things as you speak upon their testimony and how it saved them.


So again, I tell you do not divorce your testimony, do not look at your fellow brothers and sisters who have only just begun their journey in boastfulness but rather remain humble and remember how hard your journey was. Never allow them to feel discouraged. Remind yourself of how much the enemy came to attack you and how much you needed support. Share the gift God has blessed you with – your testimony. Mathew 5:16 ”In the same way let your light shine in front of people. Then they will see the good that you do and praise your Father in heaven”.


& to those who are on their journey believe me you are not alone I myself am going through it and the enemy is always right there spreading oil on the floor so I may slip but that is okay because I know that my fellow Christian brothers and sisters who have been saved are holding on to both my arms making sure that my face never hits the floor.


P.S – I know this blog was heavy and may stir up some emotions so please if you ever do wanna hit me up pop and email my way and I’ll respond asap.


Lots of LOVE – ya girl, Sofia xx



Sep 5, 2018, Sofia Rodrigues LE Youth Lead Blogger

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