Healing in Stages-A WATER LILY



On that morning  I thought I was well. I had been battling a temperamental chest cold that wouldn’t leave me alone.   I was finally over it and felt victorious and determined as I leaned over to pick something up off the floor – then BAM!

The cough returned with a vengeance.  A sleeping giant aroused by my house cleaning.  In that moment it occurred to me that sometimes God will have to get us leaning over, on our side, or flat on our backs for some impurity, habit or habitual sin to be knocked out of our system.  It may be something we never even knew we still had – we thought we were over it, we thought we were past that point or beyond that immature level of reproach – but don’t be fooled. You can still get tricked around the corner, and you better believe there’s something vicious and hungry lurking there, licking its lips and waiting for you to trip up, stumble or fall.

You see, there’s this one particular lesson I’m always learning and I find it pretty fascinating but tough to swallow at the same time. I’ve heard it told a million times before but it never gets stale and the fact of the matter is this: you can’t rush growth or hurry maturity along.

It’s a slow, often painful process that involves finding and fighting things you probably didn’t even know were working against you.

Sometimes these things live deep inside, a faded memory that the flash of light uncovered.

It’s comforting to know that God is walking with you as you navigate the road of discovery.  He’s so attentive and leaves us little love notes along the way, hidden messages for your eyes only, a sweet aroma lingering as you take in that well-needed breath of fresh air.  His voice is the sweetest melody your heart has ever heard or known.  He waits patiently as we learn to trust Him and yield every last bit of ourselves in surrender.

Cleaning house takes a lifetime and seasons of healing will come and go.  I take comfort in knowing I’m on the right track and He’s holding my hand (sometimes picking me up) as I grow.

Written By: Alanna Leslie


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