Kingdom Soldier

Kingdom soldier

As I am sitting down to write this Blog, I am in a place of learning and growth.


What are you learning I hear you ask?


Well, my beauties,  I’m learning that the fight really is not mine,  it is the Lords and I need to allow Him to fight for His Daughter!

Sometimes we forget who we belong to, start freaking out when things get hostel or don’t go our way, our DAD Is God and He has got this! Instead of trying to run ahead and do what Kelleigh wants to do or what you want to do, We need to allow OUR Father deal with it or deal with them!


Hahaha yes, I chuckled at that part…Guys I know you can relate…. let’s be real eh!!! It’s that feeling you had as a child when someone would upset or hurt you during school or at the park, you may call on your dad, brother or sister, whoever really, because you trust they are going to deal with the situation!


Only this time we say WE WILL GET OUR FATHER JESUS CHRIST INVOLVED-come on now, tell me that is some big back up haha-Learn to put things and people to prayer, if you have nothing nice to say about a person then pray from them and keep it moving. It really does help and it is pleasing God!


How many times have you wanted to take action and take it upon yourself you fight in the natural without allowing God to intervene and work the Super-Natural?


We have all been there, trust in the Lord with all your heart Proverbs 3:5-6. For he knows where you are and what you are facing, even if he’s silent, know that God is Working all things out for your good Romans 8:28. Sit and watch and believe there is change coming.


Remind yourself of all the times he made a way for you, and all the times you had victory! remember it is GOD’S Timing NOT OURS and His timing is perfect even if it is taking too long for you.  There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1


How are you growing I  Hear you ask?


Well, I am learning to sit in places that unjust and still turn up, to keep pushing and to keep my head high. I am learning to reflect and give credit to myself, as to how far I have come. That is Something we do not always do, as we are so focused on what we are currently going through or the next learning experience.


Look back and give your self-credit beauties you have come soooo far tooo, be in awe of how far God has brought you! (ohhhh how I am to break out in worship as I am typing. Paused….yes shes signing and dancing OUR GOOD IS GREAT) Back!


I am growing in ways that when I am now in a situation, that what would have normally raised a negative reaction out me, it will no longer raise the same reaction. Now that is what I call growth, although still have a long long way to go!


Use your environments to grow and develop you in Gods Grace, allow Him to help you through and give you strength to build your charterer. You are his children lean on Him and let him help you! submit to the Lord and be in his will for sure you will make it through and be so polished.


At times we can let these situations, environments and even people to pull us away and take our focus away from what really matters. Let’s not allow hostel environments and distraction pull us from our calling, our course, and dreams.






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