Isaiah 60:1-3“Jerusalem, get up and shine, because your light has come, and the glory of the LORD shines on you. Darkness now covers the earth; deep darkness covers her people. But the LORD shines on you, and people see his glory around you. Nations will come to your light; kings will come to the brightness of your sunrise.”





When reading these verses the prophet Isaiah was addressing a nation, it can sometimes be hard to relate it to our circumstances or circle of influence. Such as; family members, work colleague boyfriend girlfriend classmate.

One example albeit small but significant- in a work environment, some people often ask why are you always positive in challenging situations or you’re always smiling. I am aware in workplaces sometimes the darkness of the malaise of monotony sets in, but God is with us and the places. His Light shine’s on us to attract Others to him. When Isaiah mentions nations and kings- linking it back to a work or college, Gods light shining in you can attract people in spheres of different levels of influence for good.





Father God, we bless your holy name thank you for sending the true light to the world In Jesus.It is comforting to know that during times of darkness your presence remains and never dims. You called us to be light and attract those searching for light let us not resist this call and help me/ us to be a beacon to your truth. Amen.

Repeat Prayer as and when needed.

Apr 1, 2018, Kelly Wooderson

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