Sound Advice: Whose on your Team?


Whose on your team?  I ask this question as the England football team prepare for their biggest match in the World cup since 1990 a semifinal game, and if they were to win they would reach the World cup final!  the first time since  1966. The team consists of young men, many of them this is their first experience of playing in such a big match for their country. The stakes are high, the nation awaits in anticipation.

How will they counter their nerves?, How will they rise to the occasion?, How will they counter the fear of failure?. as they are embarking into new territory playing in the biggest match this country has seen!


Well, I would suggest that they would need to approach their manager, Gareth Southgate, who actually played in a semi-final for England in 1996, where he actually missed a penalty when the game went to a shootout. The experience of that occasion, I am sure the players, would benefit from hearing his advice over dealing with such a big occasion.

They may also gravitate to their captain Harry Kane, the leader of the group. Listening to his advice, words of motivation, encouragement, and challenge for there to be unity and focus on the task ahead. I guess if we imagine that each member of the team has their own team, of wise counsellors, encouraging them to, family, friends, and their club managers.


Whose on our team? much like the England football team, many of us are embarking, on a task or thinking over a decision which we are wanting to make, be it starting a business, buying that new home, changing career, deciding on which school our child should go to,  booking that holiday, to more challenging decisions ending a relationship, leaving a job, considering how to pay a bill.


Having a  team or a circle, of people, or indeed 1 person, whether it a friend you have known for years, a mentor, college friend, a friend of the opposite gender, someone older than you, a person who has gone through the path you are seeking to take is really important to us when we contemplate making decisions.

It’s important that the circle or team provide you with what I’ve termed “360-degree assistance”. by which I  mean:

  1. They listen to your situation and are honest with you.
  2. They offer their  advice, they potentially give you a connection who could assist you,  putting you in touch with someone or organization who could help,
  3. Let you make your own  decision,
  4. support you either way and continue to encourage.


Sometimes we may not necessarily have someone but there are other options these include biographies and other types of books in the area we are wishing to the conqueror., can be a start to helping us navigate the path which we may want to take.


“Get all the  advice you  can, and you will succeed; without it, you will fail”


Proverbs 15: 22 ( GNT) Good News Translation.


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