You Need More Than Love In A Relationship

You Need More Than Love In A Relationship



Love is the basis of any good relationship; it is the glue that holds a couple together, it makes you want to commit to a person in a relationship. However, a successful relationship cannot stand on love alone. A good relationship requires other things like communication, trust, forgiveness, respect etc. Love is good enough to support a couple in bad times, however, it is not enough to sustain them through it all..

The issue is our ideology about love and how we idolize it as the goal. We overestimate it and because of this, we go into relationships with rose-coloured lenses, having unrealistic expectations.

Having a clear and realistic idea of love is one thing; then knowing and implementing this idea in your relationship helps to make it successful.

Healthy relationships require more than just emotions or passion. Here are a few other things a relationship requires to work:



Love requires Communication: We love others in the way that we wish others would love us. So we need to understand the way our partners express love and love them that way and communicate to them the way we need to be loved. Also, relationships require communication in all issues. It requires that the right message is passed.


26-3-18-5058 Respect: A successful relationship requires respect for each partner’s beliefs, decisions, space and values amongst other things. You need to respect the things that your partner holds in high esteem and let them do their thing. You also need to provide support and love from afar when your partner needs their space.


Relationships require forgiveness: Keep in mind that you can only control how you feel, how you act, your emotions and other things pertaining to you. You cannot control how your partner acts or behave but you can control how you react to your partner’s wrongdoings. Learning to talk about issues and forgive each other early goes a long way to ensure a healthy relationship.
Having a healthy and successful relationship requires two individuals that love each other and are willing to put in the required effort to make it work. Love alone is simply not enough. 
Mar 29, 2018   Kelleigh Wooderson


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