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“Wholeness”, A book that truly touches the core of how to achieve the peak of our potential and become who we were meant to be regardless of the hurdles we may face or where we find ourselves in life. Pastor Touré Roberts in his book titled “ Wholeness” guides on a journey to become the best a person can be and it doesn’t restrict to just certain aspects of life but rather encompasses all aspects, providing sought after advice on bettering lives.

This wonder of a book doesn’t target just a particular set of people and leave out the rest, on the contrary, it gives every one of the readers a level playing field so there is no partiality. As Roberts second book, he exceeds expectations and publishes another life-changing book that will affect people’s way of life and even allow them to evolve into better people like the book guilds them along the path to becoming who they desire to be. It is simply a must-have for anyone who seeks to better himself or herself because surely “Wholeness” will lead to a positive outlook on life and in the while position readers for success.

The book “Wholeness” by Pastor Touré Roberts is not just the writings of a man with no experience of what he says but rather stems from his own experiences in life and how he strives to succeed in harsh corporate America even with the struggle of avoiding the strife of city life. The book is truly a tool for the strengthening of individuals in realistic settings and equipping the readers with what they need to face their past and destroy limitations that restraint them. The book as it name says truly leads to wholeness in the lives of the readers in their professional lives as well as their personal lives, a road to living a life of enlightenment.

 Jan 10, 2018 – Kelly Wooderson

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