Be Fabulous in Your Singleness

I missed being single; no don’t get me wrong I love being in a relationship.  But sometimes I get into the Beyoncé’s “all the single ladies” mode. The lyrics of that song are rejuvenating and motivating making singleness a lifestyle to be enjoyed and not endured.
And why not?
Being single is a phase that is meant to be enjoyed and explored to the maximum. So, whatever your reason is, just be fabulous in your singleness.
Shut the negative comments from shallow minded individual and be sexy and treat yourself like the queen you are. Sometimes, you forget that you have just one life to live, so you better damn well live it to the fullest being sexy too.
Learn sometime new; a new language, go food tasting, go dancing, clubbing, change the wardrobe and catch some fun while at it. To be free, living your life at your time and pace. Isn’t it just beautiful?
Be fabulous is looking good, get that red lipstick and smudge it on, get into a fitness class and shed some pounds, tighten that flab, be trim and happy.
Happiness is part of fabulosity, so be happy. Love “you” and do what you love.
Discover yourself in your singleness and establish yourself at it. Develop your spiritual life and be fabulous with God. A balanced spiritual life fills all the gaps, lacks, and strengthens you emotionally. The single life is a fabulous life that you should embrace at all age.
Don’t let the world define you or who you are to be, go out and be fabulous in your singleness.

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