Book Review- “God where is my Boaz”authored by Stephan Labossiere

download (2) (1)If you’re a woman still at that phase where any average Joe will do it for you, this book and review is not for you. Close it and move along.
“God where is my Boaz” authored by Stephan Labossiere is the quintessential guide for every woman who deeply desires and is willing and ready to take steps towards getting that LOVE she deserves and is truly worth.
This goldmine of a book will open the eyes to several potential reasons why you more often than not are boxed up with men who are miles away from your standard and caliber, why you always end up with the “playas” and non committal men. Furthermore, it will teach you on the ingenious steps to take in becoming the best version of yourself at any given time, on the advantages of always putting your best foot first, because when it’s all said and done wood can and will not call the attention of gold.
Now, this book is not about magic formulas or that odd-numbered step of things you need to do to meet that great guy that is meant for you. No. It’s about working at it such that you are well positioned i.e. in the right place, at the right time with the right attitude and mindset waiting in all your womanly glory and majesty for the “ONE” God has specially destined for you.
The book is written in an easy to read and precise manner devoid of clustered or repetitive information, it is put across in such a relative way to the reader that it almost feels like you’re in a round table or better still one on one discussion with Stephan Labossiere.
In closing this book is a nice, short read with just over 127 pages of mind altering content which makes it even easier to revisit from time to time.
Stephan Labossiere is an Expert Life and Relationship coach and Bestselling author of “God where is my Boaz”

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