Divine Beauty-A WATER LILY



I dip. I rise. I see the world through new eyes.


He gave us eyes to see them

And lips that we might tell

How great is God Almighty

Who has made all things well*

If you want to meet with God you don’t have to go very far.  Start by looking in the mirror.

You were made in His image. Take a step further and step outside.

Today I observed the trees, birds, flowers, grass and sky all carefully designed.

I looked at the people walking by, some on their way to somewhere, others exercising, some walking dogs.

Distinctive and unique in their momentary pursuit; each of them different yet creating a symphony reflective of His presence and splendour.

The most beautiful thing is that God loves each of us in a way that is distinctive and different in accordance with our specific needs, design and purpose.

He loves and values you.

You were designed to be loved and valued and when you truly receive this love then and only then are you able to truly love others – as God loves you and as you love yourself.

You are His divine beauty.

(Read Psalms 139:14)

*Verse adapted from the hymn All Things Bright And Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander

Written By: Alanna Leslie


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