Walking by Faith!

Walking by faith, and not by sight can sometimes be hard, but it’s through God’s grace that we are able to believe and trust in him. Faith without works is dead (James2:26).

My journey up until now has always had one constant, “Faith”.  It has not always been easy to stay in the walk of faith, and it can really test you to your limits at times.  It’s funny how we tend to procrastinate for days, weeks and even years on our failures.  The things we didn’t get right, instead of just thinking it’s happened letting go and moving on.  They seem to linger more than they should.

This was so true of me once, the time in-between just seemed to be a dream. I suppose what I am saying is that each moment that God gives us is a gift and the experiences we encounter, no matter how painful or joyful it shapes the person we become.


Walking by Faith allowed me to grow and know that God is real, but it did not happen overnight.  Not because of his will for my life but because I was not fully convicted and trusting.

Faith is designed to always spur us on to obedience. It is the “evidence of things that we do not see,” (Hebrews 11:1).

Have you ever repeated the same mistake, over and over again?  It could have been a relationship, change of habit or need to progress but you did not learn from that mistake. Somehow you allowed it to escalate until it either slipped away from your or you turned your back on it and for that very reason. You found yourself back at square one, Gods plan.

You see for me I had to pick myself up and start again, from a failed marriage, home environment and friendships.  I soon learnt that Gods love is complete, whole and unconditional.  When I totally surrendered, stopped fighting against what God wanted for my life. That’s when I was able to see the manifestation and clear direction, for God’s purpose for my life. “It’s a process”.  It requires trust, belief and courage, the courage to let God lead you without fear, doubt or shame but to embrace love and faith.

Each time you step out in faith through action, truly believing and giving thanks that it is already done or on its way. God brings you more into alignment, towards what God has planned for your life.  God truly shows up if you allow it, but it requires your belief and trust.

For me after years of emotional pain and not learning through certain experiences,  ultimately there was a lesson to be learnt.  I decided to ask “God what do you really want for my life”.  When I fully put all my needs, cares and trust in God’s hands.  That’s when I was able to see God’s work in my life.

How do you walk in faith, well “Whatever you actively do and actively ask by faith, in the expectation of receiving, is walking in faith”.  Faith by itself without works is dead, James 2:17

You are justified by works, and not by faith only. James 2: 24

Walking in Gods purpose for our life becomes easier, God has given us the power of choice, to be Obedience or not.  What I do know is God promised to bless our lives, if we stay under Gods will. Imagine if, you were to put as much effort and commitment into obeying Gods will for your life. As we do in other things.   How amazing it would be to see the manifestation of Gods plan and faithful acts in our lives.

Until next time, stay blessed Lisa x

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