Style Principles-Topic Return of the MAC

Style Principles

Topic Return of the MAC

Can I just put it out there last year yeah, I became the proud owner of this sequined rain mac (see photo). Seriously, I’ve yet to come across a rain mac that can make me drool with excitement and this photo doesn’t even do it enough justice.


return of the MaC

I won’t even bore you with the details but putting it bluntly I had to put on my Miss Marple hat and hunt down this garment. Trust me you need to be up close not personal to appreciate it for real.

This is not just any rain mac  IF I was a betting woman I’m sure the Astronauts in heaven can see this mac all the way from space – 4th of July in November fam – lol.

Now I’ve bought more clothes than you can shake a stick at (I don’t know why people keep shaking sticks at but anyway).

This is truly a piece of art but the difference is this is practical art. Listen I’m no wall flower this is so in your face but even I was taken aback by the interest – complete strangers male (MAN dem) and female have blatantly stared, complimented, there’s been some side eyes – mi dear and one or two haters but overall it’s all gud.

The amount of smiles it has brought to people’s faces young, old, black and white it’s been worth every penny. It’s been a blast.

Queen of Chaydes.

Creative Director of my Wardrobe

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