5 Ways to Pursue God in Your Daily Life

If you are a new beleiver in christ and have stumbled across this blog welcome:) Also hello to those of you who  have been on a your walk for 70 years thank you for stoping by 🙂

 We always need a freash reminder on how to keep pursuing God, regarless of what stage we are our journey.  Life can often get in the way, and our daily routines crumble, we can become distracted, therefore we need to get back to basic!

Here are 5 basic ways you can pursue God in your daily life, when you start to apply these habits you will start to deepen your relationship with God.

1. Get a Daily dose of God’s Word – we become what we behold. so Let’s be transformed more and more into HIS image by pursuing Him through His Word! Reading His Word, meditating on it, praying through it can all be ways to increase the impact this will have on our hearts. Look out for our monthly Script Time and Prayer Blogs.

2. Memorise Scripture  – reading and studying God’s Word is vital! However, if we want to be able to pull from His Word, even after we’ve set our Bibles down in the morning. Memorising Scripture is a powerful tool to be used in doing battle with the enemy! We must bind His Words to our heart.

3. Write the Word – we can read His Word, study it, memorize it, pray it and then we can add another discipline to our time in God’s Word: WRITING down His very words! When we take a small chunk of Scripture and write it out, it helps us to truly focus on the words!

4. Worship & Praise music – turn up the music! Filling our minds with praise is a beautiful way to behold God as we go about our day! What is your favourite worship music to listen to? Some of my favourites right now are Fred Hammond, Hill Song, Hezekiah Walker, Jakalyn Carr, and Jonathan McReynolds-There is nothing like Praise and Worship.

5. Cultivating Gratitude – We can’t help but thank our God, who is the giver of all good gifts. Why don’t you try writing down 3 things you’re thankful for every morning AND every night before bed and see what a difference it makes in your perspective!

What are some ways YOU Pursue God as you go about your daily life? Comment below and Share Blog. you never know who needs it 🙂

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