Hey Guys! How has the New Year been for you so far?

So I’m sitting in my garden looking around my surroundings. Getting all one with Mother Nature and then I feel myself start to feel super emotional, whilst tears came flooding to my eyes. Now I know I can get emotional at the best of times, and those that know me can vouch for that.

I started to think about my past and where I’ve been, but more so where I am today. You see those tears were not sad tears, but more of Joy, Gratitude and true Appreciation of second chances.

When I sat down to write this blog, I thought wow! There are some many areas of our lives where God allows for second chances. In the bible God gave Moses the chance to rear his son (Ex. 2:7-9) and Miriam was healed (Num.12:10-15) Hannah thought she would never bare a child (1 Sam. 1:2-28) and Elizabeth gave birth in her later years (Luke 1:5-25).

There was a time when I never thought I would have children, be healed from sickness or truly see the beauty within, a second chance but it happened. God gives love and forgiveness over and over again. (2 Chr. 7:14) Keeping faith not only in the good times but the bad and ugly times builds our strength and character which is not always easy.

Love is a universal language, one which can impact your life, allows us to express our deepest feelings in ways you could never imagine. Love can also cloud your judgement if actions are lead purely from a feeling. Now some might say “well if my heart says yes, and it feels right then that’s my green light to go”.

Cast your mind back to a time where you thought to yourself this is real, it feels right and I have to have it. This could be with a person, Job, Plan or Object. You poured every inch of yourself into it and it didn’t matter how much time, tears or effort. You made that sacrifice. You did it anyway, but somehow it all started to go wrong and no matter what you did, you found yourself back at square one, one thing was missing!

What we forgot or didn’t realise was that in all that action, we missed one major thing…God. Since all things come from God then he has the rightful and ultimate authority. (1 Tim.6:15) Everything depends on him (Col. 1:16, 17) God has no beginning or end (Ps. 90:2)

I use these reference points for those who already have a relationship with God or those that want to know more. Life can be so much easier when we are Obedient to God’s word and putting God first in all we do.

I myself can testify to this, and believe me, it wasn’t always easy, I fell many times but through God’s Grace, Love and giving me a second chance. I was able to pick myself back up and move forward, with more clarity, trust and determination. As like a child learning to walk it takes practice, you do not always walk at the first try. Sometimes you stumble, you might even fall we all have to learn and grow and require guidance. Naturally, we can search out help in books, sharing our stories and at times it through our experiences.

God’s word never fails (Prov 12:25) so if you have had your fair share of challenges when it comes to life, this could be a breakdown in relationships or marriage. A single person waiting to be partnered or a failed business owner feeling scared and questioning whether to try again. Remember Second chances do happen. Don’t go rushing blindly looking for your version of what you think it should be.

God graciously makes available again a new beginning, your extended opportunity. God is faithful today and forever (Heb. 12:8).

So until next time, Stay Blessed!

©2019 Lisa Pollard-Romain, Life Essence UK Wellness Blogger

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