Love is in the air

It’s official people ‘love’ is in the air and chivalry has entered the building – full throttle. Love isn’t just for Valentine’s day when the world then turns a shade of red but not just any red no it’s a vibrant in your face passionate red and there’s no getting away from the heart shapes (no other shape will get a look in) from chocolates to the dessert on your plate.

Let’s talk ‘love’ stories: you’ve got Romeo and Juliet (forbidden love – classic), Anthony and Cleopatra (money, power, murder it’s all there), even Grease (young love) #yourtheonethatIwantwoowoowoohoney but nothing can compare to God’s love for mankind (agape) followed by Adam and Eve (who takes a rib and creates a woman but God. No seriously, who does that but God), Moses and Zipporah (Egypt’s most wanted, a murderer finds himself a wife in the backside of the wilderness), Ruth and Boaz (kerching -wins the jackpot and gets a book deal – The book of Ruth). Every Bible hook ups has its own unique DNA but all had one thing in common the hand of God all over it.

Seeking love is a mind field not one sizes fits all. It doesn’t come with a universal strategy – Ta dah. But this shouldn’t put you off from considering taking the necessary steps outside your comfort zone the usual routine home/work/church/supermarket/gym/school run – trust me there are SO many steps out there added together you could end up from the UK to Wakanda (yep a figment of movie imagination but what an imagination).

The story of the fig tree is a really interesting one, the tree looked good it was actually meant to be in season – we’ve all been disappointed at some time or another so we know how Jesus felt – but I wouldn’t recommend cursing – lol! Some of us are like that fig tree we look the part but not baring enough fruit to step into the marriage arena – yet!

Please don’t panic keep your relationship with God on track. He tells us to seek His kingdom and His righteousness and ALL not some but ALL these things (that we have need of) shall be added unto you (if we faint not).

Don’t forget God is the ultimate matchmaker – how cool is that? Hello! Listen He’s still in the business of manoeuvring his people into healthy relationships. God wants to partner us with our future spouse to compliment us individually but to fulfil His purpose using the both of you to further the Kingdom.

Whatever, you do get your divine confirmation. Stopping off at the cul-de-sac called have I married the wrong personwoe is me is SO not a good look. But rather invest in yourself by knowing your God given purpose, the dos and don’ts of any kind of dating, questions to ask, deal breakers etc. There’s so much info out there at your finger tips you have no excuse – yep you’ve just been served homework.

Seeking a ‘person of interest’ may mean dating a few unsuitable suitors along the way! But as for me my dating agency is JC. I’ve had to learn to trust Him in every other area so why not in love He’s done it before so He can do it for me.

Black Caviar

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