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“I am Kelleigh the founder of Life Essence UK. I was recently in a car accident, with any type of accident or life threatening event, it makes you thin about the people who you leave behind. In my case I spent a lot of time thinking about my children and what would happen to them. if I was taken away. How would they manage the cost of living without me and who would pay for my funeral! There is no way I want my face on a crowd fund page, or my children to even think that is an option.

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So I took out life insurance and funeral cover with bounce, the rates are really low and the packages are great! Really small price to pay for peace of mind and knowing everything is taken care of for my children. let’s face it not all of us own our own homes or have hundreds and thousands saved in the bank.

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Family Life Protection
Provide a tax free cash lump sum for your spouse and /or kids in the event of your death

Critical Illness Protection
Provide a tax free cash lump sum for yourself in the event of a serious illness

Mortgage Protection
Repay your mortgage in the event of death and/or a serious illness

Income Protection
Replace your income in the event of sickness or disability

Private Medical Insurance

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