A Round of Applause

Heroes, legends, not just confined to the NHS n yes for the second week in a row I came out n ‘Clapped’ for the NHS n the Social Care professionals. The list is only gonna get longer n longer who knows next week we’ll add the bus n train drivers, the Supermarket staff, the postman, dustmen, the delivery drivers n then some. We’ll be clapping ah lickle more that’s for sure!

Let’s hope by next week I’ve learnt how to whistle thru my fingers – don’t know why I’ve always wanted to be able to horse whistle – weird I know. Don’t side eyes me fam, allow ah gurl to fulfill her dream.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to visit the NHS for blood tests upon blood tests. But hear the joke I don’t like needles, so to be told they can’t find my veins is ah real nightmare. Ah mean I  was alive when I creamed my skin that morning. Now I know what a pin cushion feels like the ppl dem just jook up my skin – three cotton balls n plasters later, I’ve escaped I’m released n not even ah lally insight to comfort me in my distress. That’s what happens when you roll out austerity not even one sweetie.

Healthcare n business in the same sentence don’t always make gud bedfellows, a challenge indeed to keep the care in the care system n not be dictated by money. On reflection we need to take this institute out of the political arena n agree a cross party agreement moving forward. How do you solve the issue of  funding n sure up our health service for decades to come – it deserves that much n then some.

I’m on duty n called to pray n my contribution in all this, is to stay home, protect the NHS n save lives by keeping my kin quiet, it’s the least I can do – hello n for those bright ppl out there not  taking this seriously, as my Aunty would say “IF you no hear you gwain feel”. Just saying it’s not rocket science but there will be challenges. Who knows those keep fit fanatics that were prancing in the outdoor gym may just redeem themselves by volunteering. Gosh, I’m even having to put Boris Johnson on my prayer hit list coz Miss Corona Virus ah lick him.

Listen up, while I remember yeah, I saw someone walking calmly around with a pack of taylit paper in the middle of Tesco’s, yeah I know fam, sight for sore eyes. Bwoy, taylit  paper is the new gold – side eyes. To be honest I’m feeling ah lickle inspired over a piece of taylit paper – ah best get my Blue Peter mojo flowing. Sticky back paper anyone? – lol.

We’re on this journey n for the very first time ever we really are ALL in this together, from government to the man on the streets, from Hollywood to China Town, from the Barber shop to the Church, but it’s what you do inside the boat until we come out the other side. Mampy size vs you tight in all the right places n fit so til – I’m just putting it out there, don’t shoot the messenger. So you can put your pigeon chest down.

For all the Mary Seacole’s n Florence Nightingale’s out there, take a bow, “Thank you”.

Many blessings,


Sista Hood

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