There’s a story about a people who were held captive for generations 430 years to be exact until they were delivered from their oppressive situation. I’m talking about the nation of Israel.

As they journeyed to the Promised Land, they encountered various emotions, and I find myself coming face-to-face with similar if not the same emotions that these people must have experienced as they journeyed towards their promise.

Being the property of and wholly subjected to another, especially one who ill-treats you, isn’t something I’d like to experience nevertheless for that length of time. The elation they must have felt when they were packing their bags to embark on a new journey, filled with the hope of an alternate future from the one they would have had if they’d remained in Egypt.

The mental, physical and spiritual upliftment must have been complete bliss at that moment, knowing that what you’ve prayed, fasted and waited for is just over the horizon, IF you can withstand the journey.

There were instances during the journey that these people voiced that they would have been better- off, had they remained under the oppressive regime in opposed to being where they were. REALLY?!!! This is where I’d like to stop and express my thoughts as it regards to the things, I find myself thinking at times and the emotions I’m forced to confront during my own personal journey to a promise etc.

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It’s amazing how we look at the past with rose-tinted goggles most of the time. As if during those periods of time we had no hardship, neglecting the reality of what we went through and now can see the situation for what it truly was and the purpose it served. I believe this can be attributed to FEAR.

The Israelites, I believe developed a system which allowed them to cope with their situation of being slaves and even though it wasn’t ideal knew what to expect on a day to day basis and now they are FREE, they are accountable so they’d rather “stick with the devil that they know.” Sound familiar?

We can apply this to past relationships, Jobs, career moves and so on. We find ourselves on a rocky part of the new trail and suddenly the deception of doubt sets in and we start reminiscing on how things were rather than focussing on the now. It’s FEAR of the unknown, failure and being wrong. Dealing with a situation you’ve never encountered and being accountable, not being able to hide behind an “oppressive regime.”

They often say in boxing “The punch that knocks you out is the one you don’t’ see” and this is what I believe these FEARs boil down to.

I won’t pretend that I’ve fully got these emotions under control however I’ve Identified them and that’s a start. Many times, I’ve found myself questioning the process embedded in the journey rather than Trusting the processes involved.

I’d like to encourage you to read Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell. It’s an easy read and may help with the anxiety you may encounter after having stepped out of the boat, however, there’s no substitute for keeping your eyes stayed on Christ and TRUSTING in his word. Believing he’ll do what he said he will do.

From my heart to yours A. Mighty


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  1. Angela Christie says:

    Love this interpretation of being fearful during these unpreceented times!

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