Tick Box

I wanted to take this time to celebrate some home truth, especially, at this time n another week of social distancing – God is just using this time to reset mankind for their gud n ramping up the Church to draw nigh n be the light in the darkness – tick.

IF ever ah time I need you Lord surely I need you now – tick. But hear what I’ve always needed Him, even when I didn’t even know I needed Him b4 n after this pandemic.

I serve a Promise Keeper – He said He ain’t gonna leave me – tick n sure enough He has kept that promise – hey He’s not ah man that He should lie tick.

Bwoy, having the liberty to worship collectively has taken on ah whole new meaning. Having to give up my favourite past time of hugging n ah kissing up the brethren,  seeing the children (fam, it quiet so til. I might even be missing that one child that shouts not tark but SHOUTS n dem ah tark to the pitney right next to dem), ah lickle curtsey for the Mothers as they breeze pass (IF the truth be known, I’ve styled it out a few times, just to straighten up again but trust me they’re worth it).  You give honour where honour is due – tick.

Church as we know it has had to adapt we’re now online at Tab@Home – tick. IF you had said to me a year ago we’d be in this lockdown ting having Church via Facebook/YouTube n I’d be rushing round like a blue arsed fly getting the link out, I would have knocked you ina your head n ask you “Ah wad de” but here we are April 2020 – tick. Now we know that Daddy in Heaven never sleeps – tick. While we’re distancing ourselves the Media team, The Mothers, Morning Manna, the Foodbank, TKC, the Pastoral, Operations n Executive teams have had to shift gears – tick. #Respect. 

The Bible teaches us to give thanks – tick:

Now my Spiritual Dad he’ll be the first to tell you he’s not perfect n you know what he’s alright (listen let me just declare no money was exchanged at any point in writing dis I’m as transparent as the invisible man – what you see is what you get). I’m just glad God scooped him up n the rest is history – tick. The man oozes swagger (when you look up swagger in the dictionary it should have Pastor Mike White alongside it.) n he smells nice, no he does, you know when you need that hug from your Dad hence dats how I know he smell gud – tick. But more importantly, he has a realationship with God – tick n has been called n chosen to lead – tick. He makes it look easy n those of us that have relocated from La La Land to the real world know say it ain’t!!! There are some highs n some gully lows – tick.

Beside my Spiritual Dad is my Spiritual Mum – tick you can’t have one without the other they come as a package – tick. She’s just fierce in the Lord, n when I’ve had some boohoo moments she has gathered me up n prayed the prayer over me – tick.  She’s got a pair of lungs on her n she does what Mariah Carey does in singing in preaching n she ain’t ramping when she goes all the way in – tick. Her favourite colour is definitely black – tick. But know this about her, she loves God – tick. Oh my gosh, she did a dance move what I’m calling the ‘1Milli shuffle’ (your dancing backwards). I had to smile, I dance just like mi spiritual Mum – lol.

Deja vu – tick. Bwoy, I’ve been isolated due to another virus – tick, I’ve been broke n bread back look sweet – tick, I’ve been there when I’ve had to keep my kin quiet – tick, I’ve been stuck betw ah rock n a hard place – tick, I’ve been dumped – tick, I’ve been stressed – tick, no I’ve been really really stressed – tick (lol), n then some, listen I’m only here by the grace of God – tick. I made it – tick.

Faith over fear – tick. Doesn’t the Bible tell us “fear not” – tick. It also say faith without works is dead” – tick. Listen I’m taking out my GYM membership – tick n I’m gonna ‘Grow Your Moments’. As my Aunty would say “Mek haste”. On the other side of this my face gwain shine n not a tub of vaseline insight, your shades are optional. What?! Go BIG or go home. Let me push out my belly button – tick.  

Last but not least I wanted to give my Mum a lickle SHOUT OUT. Ok, she’s not as deaf a door knob but there have been time I’ve had to bawl after her n there are times mi know say she’s pulling a fast one but sometimes, I’ve had to play fool to be wise – tick. Families, Jesus tek the wheel – TICK – lol. The amount of times I’ve had to side eyes this woman is no joke n IF it hadn’t been the Lord who was on my side corona would have competition – tick.

There’s always one n she’s ‘THE’ one that can upset the skin on my face n I wanna tek off my helmet of salvation, tek off my garment of praise n unscrew my detachable halo. I’ve had so many “ah wad de” moments than I’ve had one Jamaican pattie in ah coco bread washed down with an ice cold ginger beer – tick. I’m just glad Jesus has already prayed for me by name – tick. In saying all that she’s been to Tab@Home each week – tick.

Now my Mum IF she no want to do someting, she just ain’t gonna do it, not for love nor money, but hear what the first week she did put up one hand when Pastor prayed, week two she put up both hands, listen by week five I’m expecting her to have her hands up feet up n spinning on her head break-dancing. Not bad for ah 78 year old. By week six I’m expecting her to be speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance – hello Holy Ghost, you are welcome – tick. When God is all up ina your business anyting can happen – tick. 

Let just say the first Service after dis is gonna be EPICtick. Worship on steriod is putting it lightly – tick. Dance up like King David – tick, drunk in the Spirit – tick. Azusa Street revival – tick. Holy Ghost power moving just like ah magnet – tick! Member mi did tell you – tick.

Many blessings,


Sista Hood

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