Exchange costs Sacrifice

The Greatest Story ever told is one I can never get bored with.  Each year congregations all over the world are looking to Pastors, Vicars, Priests and all religious outlets to re-tell this amazing event.

How Jesus exchanged His heavenly glory to become a man to ultimately sacrifice Himself for us all is just amazing.  The will, purpose and love this act dipicts, words are unable to articulate. It’s this exchange we’re looking to explore, as for this to take place (during these unusual times) there has to be a sacrifice.

Easter 2020 will be one to go in the record books for how the world have been inspired to being really creative in how to cope through this pandemic.  Despite the severity of this disease the community have heroically stepped up to graciously offer ways to helping those who are unable to manage or sustain themselves.  We are all having to recognise what is important when sacrifices are made.

Social Distancing

  • Has enabled people to re-connect with others they lost contact with for years.  Learning new software on devices to contact relatives near and far.
  • Home schooling has revealed how patience, parents and care-givers believe they have and are.
  • Neighbours sharing names and contact details, singing and exercising together in the streets and looking out for each other.


  • Petrol for pasta
  • Handbags for hand-sanitisers
  • Church buildings for creative back-drops
  • Teas and coffees for toilet paper


  • NHS domestics, porters, through to medics who put their lives on the front line for are being applauded weekly from the nation. 
  • Transport workers, waste management and all the unseen key workers who are keeping the UK running now are seen as heroes and not unskilled.
  • Foodbanks and new food insentives in full opperation as access to food is now, more important than currency or the mismanaging of finances.
  • Knowing that age cannot and will not stop some individuals from showing why God created us. Captain Tom Moore who for his 100th birthday decided to walk 100 laps and to raise £1000 for our brave NHS staff. Your contributions are welcomed here

Our perceptions as to what really matters in the protection of lives has grown exponentially. As we focus on those who are prepared to be hands on and lay down their lives for the survial of us all.

In achieving positive mental well-being let us Exchange

  • Conspiracy for Comfort – Isaiah 8:12.  There are so many contributing factors for this virus, which may affect how we get through this unprecedented time.  Reduce your intake of news, social media news and exchange negative information to how to be a blessing to others.  2 Corinthians 1:3
  • Dread for Determination:  This is extraordinary times require extraordinary strength and willpower to motivate your-self with these restrictions.  Make a decision to be purposeful and practical to seeing your way through with help or being a help to others.
  • Sickness for Safety – Ensure to follow government guidelines in remaining safe – ‘Prevention better than cure.’  You can and are in control of your physical well-being, you may not become unwell but could possibly be the source of someone else’s ill-health Stay at home!
  • Torment for Truth – What you focus your thoughts on will become your truth.  Having your mind absorbing the negative aspects of this virus, instead try acknowledging your environment and your existence within it.  Praise God for all the things He has done and doing for you – how you’ve distinguished wants for needs is a good place to start. Psalms 86:11
  • Virus for Victory – Can you see yourself on the other side of this pandemic, what are your goals, what have you learnt – new talents/knowledge gained and what will you remember?   This war on our physical health has broken all the rules for warfare; you too need to break these procedures by claiming VICTORY before you see it! 

We have a journey ahead that will test us physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, spiritually and mentally.  Being aware is giving us a head start in the preparation for this.  Recognising and developing your inner strength, tenacity and will power God has constructed you with, will remind you just Who is on your side.  2 Corinthians 4:8

Be prepared for the battlefield

  • Exercise– There are so many apps, Youtube and Facebook interactions to ensure we are keeping fit, most phones have inbuilt ones – check it out.  Make use of the hour a day outside too.
  • Positive Relationships What ways can you maintain contact with those who are self-isolating? 
  • If you live by yourself, do have someone that you contact daily, this can be several different individuals periodically throughout the day? 
  • Do you have a plan should you become ill; do your neighbours have contact details for your friends or relatives? 
  • These are practical steps you can put in place, you just need to be creative and proactive.
  • Finances – Are you willing to pay the price to exchange
  • Your mind-set on how to remain safe and having the responsibility of ensuring others are kept safe?
  • Fear to helping someone in need of food, company or encouragement? 
  • Silence for supporting your community?

Stay well and Stay home!

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