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Black 2 Black, n we’ve nuff tings to celebrate coz of what we bring to the table – PPF – Past, Present n Future. Ain’t you glad God ain’t colour blind n it just goes to show God has great taste in colour – don’t it. Listen IF God gave you colour Farda friend get your vaseline out n wax dat baby face down. Gurl He’s given ah reason to shine – lol.
For those in the know October celebrates ‘Black History Month‘, let’s be real four weeks ain’t enough but as the Bible teaches “lickle is much when God is ina it” n we as ah ppl need to carry dat thru in2 every months to be fair. SO what’s out there when it cum to style in the black community – trust me you can’t beat ah great weave to complete your overall look – hello somebaday.
SO using BPT (black ppl time) instead of GMT lets kick back n tek ah look on some of what’s out there n IF you can champion your brethren elbow pump dem n support. One ting I love bout black ppl, dem will vote wid dem tongue n dem foot. SO IF dem no like someting beware dem no easi! SO don’t say mi never tell uno. Having grown up with the soundtrack Young gifted n black in the background here are ah few black online businesses dat have hustled dem wey thru the bangarang of real life. SO b4 you cuss n carry on bad, IF you can do better, go do it n throw your creativity ina de ring. – Now IF your ah Primark baby you might ting say your punching above your price range. Not for your shrinking violets kinda gal. Definitely, got dat vintage vibe, but don’t expect pages upon pages to choose – SO IF dat’s your ting knock yourself out. – Jewellery inspired by Adinkra are “unique symbols created in West Africa, especially in Ghana. They are often used on pottery, woodcarvings, in logos and they are especially beautiful when stamped on fabric” (courtesy of Google search). IF your into BIG n bold, nah dis is not for you but there’s no harm in looking – don’t it! The model looks gud in the necklace n the ring photo shot. You’ll get change out of ah hundred pound. – I’m loving you right back, loving the T-shirt/Jumpers designs n the ‘Royal Family’ collection of sweatshirts for Dad (King), Mum (Queen), Daughter (Princess) n Son (Prince). Headwraps in enriched colours. Got my eye on de ‘gold fulani earring n bracelet’. You have the option to bless somebady wid a gift card or ah Headwrap Babe mug. Christmas ah cum. Worth browsing n buying. My favourite SO far. – IF your into your bold n structural patterns dis maybe for your. London based. You can definitely feel dat architectural vibe behind the designs. Impressive exposure as in Vogue, Harper Bazaar, Grazia, Style – just to name drop ah few. SO your in gud company. – Lovin de ‘Adetayo Velvet Lined Ring Bag’ £29.99. On dis occasion the man dem get ah lickle squeeze, n your LAD – lickle African dress. Oh n dem do the African print fans along wid African jewellery. You can book ah consultation. For some drama see the Adesewa Cape dress – Fresh – Lovin the Lea dress at £150 (you know how much shopping mi could get from Lidl wid dat dere money? – lol). The colour clash not for everybady, Trust mi you will stand out n IF you can work it. I’m not one for putting my belly button on show (BUT trust mi I even have ah plan for dat #meshtop), the only person seeing my belly is Jesus – side eyes! What? – This textile design studio describe dem self as producing products to liven up your wardrobe. Made to order to stop waste noting wasted IF dem can’t use it to mek pouch, bum bags n covering for earrings. SO you know say dem will rinise out every last bit of material n save the planet. – The clue is ina de name n their artisans are based ina Kenya – dem even win awards n dem hold the title for being the FIRST jewellery company to be awarded ah Certified B Corporation ina the UK. Ethical n built to last (til Kingdom cum) n dem say dem pay dem collaborators fairly. Click on the ‘Lookbook’ tab does mek ah difference seeing it on the models dem. – This ain’t just Nigerian influence style ting, it’s bout every woman who wants to holla out “MI DEY YAH”, it’s not bout blending ina the background but holding your own n standing out for ALL the right reason. It’s ALL bout working the African vibe wid ah contemporary twist. Gurl work dat print. Loving the purple boots ina the photo shoot n I’m lovin dat she’s the model n wearing her own design. I’m elbow pumping right now. – Jewellery site, ah lickle limited for my personal taste I’m use to dealing wid Lovisa back ina the dey was my go too but even dem did turn dry. IF your into personalise jewells let dem show you what dem got. Note they deal in ‘gold-filled’ which is apparently better dan ‘gold-plated’. 
Those of you who are doin IT, the black market is your oyster (n dem some), you definitely have ah reason to smile n not forgetting those of you who haven’t debut yet, be encouraged put down your roots n ah pray say God Himself will partner wid you on your journey wid your God-ideas. I’m happy to do ah SHOUT OUT. Listen, I’m ah size 10 dress size n size 4.5 feet, yeah. What? Jesus never wasted an opportunity – what can I say mi tek after mi Daddy in Heaven – just saying. Christmas might be cancelled but presents ain’t – hello!
Ok LE family, lickle more, keep safe n stay blessed,
Creative Director of my Wardrobe   

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