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Hiya, Queen of Chaydes here aka Corleen J. Bogle – don’t forget the jay. I’m the daughter of Windrush immigrants so both my parents use to what we’d call “pop style pon we” back in the dayz – So they were sharp, cool and oozing style. So having not 1 but 2 dress puss parents you know style is in my DNA! But I had to grow my confidence to reach where I know who I am and what I want to say using clothing and boy I have got a lot to say!

I’ve always always lived in the South East now residing in Upper Catford – yep I’ve renamed it coz that’s how I roll! I love most things creative so style and writing are just a few of my favourite things.

It’s been great creating my new role as the Director of my wardrobe and the reason why Style Principles came about was my passion for clothing and people and working on collaborating with both. Grabbing fashion by the scruff of its neck and styling it to suit me! Yeah giving myself permission to tear up the rule book and do it my way. Rising up an army of Clothing Ambassadors, step out in style and having fun along the way.

Life isn’t perfect but there’s no excuse why your outfit can’t be – lol.