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Life Essence works alongside a range of women with powerful faith based testimonies of release from trauma and many forms of abuse.

Our women bravely share their testimonies with anyone that has an ear to hear, and are also willing to speak at events. 

All we ask for us the opportunity to promote our services and funds to cover our vital expenses.

(Any other giving is on a voluntary basis using our fundraising pages or other mechanisms)


They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony!

(Revelation 12:11)


Book a Speaker


Kelleigh: is the CEO and founder of Life Essence Ministry. 

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ABOUT ME:  I grew up in South London and was raised in a family that devoted their lives to Jesus. I attended church from a very young age with my grandparents (my grandfather was the senior Pastor).

I have encountered many life struggles, including coming from a broken home and experiencing toxic relationships before becoming a teen mum.

Suffering from depression, anxiety and emotional eating has been a journey to recovery, when you let God in there is true freedom! 

These experiences led me into the world of support work where I worked with children, families and vulnerable adults for over 20 years. 

Through a clear leading by God and my many life experiences, I have been led  to pursue  my passion for people by building healthy and safe environments through Life Essence Housing and Support, and also various other activities that cater for the needs of women who need a ‘safe space’ to heal

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Hazel has previously supported Life Essence in the development of various aspects of its support including, ‘Safe Space’ Prayer Ministry and  website content creation. Hazel has a strong passion for prayer ministry, she also enjoys creating and developing resources that facilitate healing for those who have been through abuse, trauma rejection, abandonment and much more!

Hazel has a powerful testimony of how one encounter with Jesus began a journey of powerful healing from sexual abuse, abandonment, domestic violence and addiction.  At the brink of suicide and at a point of losing everything, this encounter then lead me through a journey of self-discovery with God that changed everything!


Hazel believes that ‘Life ESSENCE IS a God-given ‘Safe Space’ where women can find rest, recovery and restoration, and that through ITS many mechanisms of supporT women will experience true freedom from the past, and the heartfelt desire to then pass the Good News on to others’

Cerise is our co-host and coordinator for Unplugged Sisterhood

ABOUT ME: Hi all, my name is Cerise and I’m elated to be a team member serving for Life Essence Ministry!  I’ve been through my fair share of strenuous trials and tribulations of the world – however, our father, our provider, our Lord Jehovah never gave up on me and guided me to the position in which I’m in today.

Full of love, FAITH, understanding and patience, I look forward to providing those in need with the tools, motivation and love that they need to draw closer to God with the backing and support of us as women, here at Sisterhood Unplugged.

Blu is our previous Housing Manager within Life Essence Housing and Support.

ABOUT ME:  I joined Life Essence around September 2020 on a volunteer basis and just loved the good that the team were doingSince coming to know God more than 8 years ago, my heart has been to help others and to come alongside them in their trauma. When Kelleigh invited me to be part of the team, I really just felt that’s where God was leading me next in my journey. Since then, I have been so blessed to be able to both support and build relationships with many different women.  These women have trusted me in sharing their trauma stories and allowed me the opportunity to work alongside some wonderful women of God…. with such a heart for Jesus too!

Having suffered a lot of trauma from a very young age, I can empathize with others from similar backgrounds. As a young girl growing up I was subject to a lot of abuse and domestic violence within my family home. I  then left home at the age of 14yrs and was then  groomed by an older man which caused me extreme amounts of suffering.   All the damage and the pain I experienced led me to then spiral further into  unhealthy relationships, further abuse, distrust of people leading to self-isolation, unhealthy behaviors,  addiction and the list goes on.  Then I met God… and He turned my life around! 

God has shown me a love I’d never experienced before.  He has brought some good people into my life
 And walked me through a LOT of healing. Bit by bit my life has changed for the better. 
I now want God  to use me to do the same for others and Life Essence is a place where I’m able to do just that!


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