Street Work

Picture this: It’s a cold winters night, its blitz outside. You’re homeless, no gloves, no hat & no hot beverage to help see you through the night. The sleeping bag you have hardly helps keep you warm. All around you are people living their lives with friends, family, and love. You feel so alone and helpless. We here at Le Fountain feel the struggles and pain our homeless brothers and sisters face on a day to day basis. The negative stigma around homelessness has driven our devotion in supporting the homeless throughout all seasons. Providing companionship and necessities to ensure survival on the streets. Through faith and love, we aim to provide hope and bring about change in ensuring the voices of the less fortunate are heard. Le Fountain believes we can create change as ONE.

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Life Essenc eare continuously working hard with the support of our volunteers to help individuals in London.

Our work is dedicated to delivering charitable services, and to inspire and improve the lives of those who need aid. Our mission consists of changing the stigma towards homelessness as we are always a step away from being in that bracket ourselves with the high charging’s of food, to the unaffordable private renting.

Our aim is to encourage people to help the homeless and building a community that unites as one – as God intended us to be.

The global mission for Life Essence is to be in unity with one another, working and uniting as one in ensuring the percentage of those living on the streets decreases rather than increases. Vocalising the need for the government to take into consideration the homeless by providing bibles, water and basic necessities to ensure the survival of those living on the streets.

To enable all of us to use our initiatives as a community in ensuring that those living on the streets have the help they need and most importantly to give them hope in knowing that they are not alone.

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