The National Domestic Abuse makes very clear myths that may prevent victims from seeking help or those in the position to help, refuse to support – in any setting.

Myth 1 – Alcohol, drugs and stress make men violent

Abusers are also violent when sober.  Many men who drink never use violence. These are all excuses.

Myth 2 – She would leave if it was really bad

There are many overlapping reasons why women may stay.  Leaving is difficult and takes time. It is a process.

Myth 3 – Abusers grow up in violent homes

Violence is a choice an abuser makes; he alone is responsible.  It is unrelated to childhood.

Myth 4 – Domestic abuse only happens to certain women

Domestic abuse happens to all women, regardless of where they live, their profession, or social background.

Myth 5 – Some women deserve it

Men often claim their partner ‘makes them do it’.  This is victim-blaming.  The abuser alone is responsible.

Myth 6 – He just loses his temper sometimes

Abusers say they ‘see red’ sometimes – but they are very much in control, in using multiple methods to abuse.

Myth 7 – Some women like violence

Women do not enjoy violence.  Most live in fear and terror.  This is victim-blaming.

Myth 8 – Domestic abuse is a private matter

Domestic abuse is a crime.  It is not an individual but a social problem.  We all need to speak out against it.

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