Next Steps

What next?

You may have read and recognise that you are being abused and now don’t know what to do, where to go or how to do it.

Making a plan is the start of making yourself and your children safe.  Here is a list that may help you to focus on what is required, this is not limited to the following or in any particular order.  Do what you can, when you can as safely as you can.

  • Open bank and credit cards in your own name.
  • Have a safe place to go at a friend or relative.
  • Have a bag packed at that place with necessary valuables and important legal papers, passport, bank information, credit cards, phone and money. Also pack clothes for your children and some toys.
  • Alert neighbours to call the police if they hear loud noises or suspect danger. This can be difficult as neighbours may not want to ‘get involved’
  • Make extra car and house keys. Hide a car key outside so you can get away.
  • If there is weapon in the home, remove it.
  • Remember, by not confronting abuse to avoid the risk of losing someone’s love, you risk losing yourself – emotionally or tragically.

*However, in all your options be accountable to someone you trust*

Trusting Help

Trusting someone with your situation can be heart wrenching, debilitating and devastating.  Opening up to your vulnerabilities is the biggest step you’ll have to take in your safety.  Feelings of shame, guilt  and embarrassment are emotional snares that may restrict you from accepting, seeking, receiving and then trusting support.  These restrictions are not yours, it belongs to the abuser.

If you have no trusted friend or source try going to your GP or professions that are governed by confidentiality.

#Your life matters!

It may feel like jumping from off a cliff with no hope of surviving.  This is when courage takes over as you reclaim back your self-esteem and self-worth that only you can resuscitate with the support of others.

Who can you trust with your emotional wounds or survival?  Below are organisations who specialise in these areas of endurance – what is there to lose…but your life?

Organisations offering support