Safe Space Prayer Ministry

Life Essence believes every woman deserves a ‘safe’ place that is non-judgmental, somewhere they can truly be themselves

We provide a space where you can receive rest, recovery and restoration allowing you to make room for who you are.

A  place where you can be vulnerable and allow yourself to build an emotional connection, whilst giving you the space and time to talk with our trained staff and volunteers

Just one space can be enough to make a huge difference to the lives of women!

Life Essence works in partnership with Safe Space Prayer Ministry to provide you with  free 1-1 prayer support, the aim of this support being to help you heal from the effects of past trauma, abuse and abandonment.

Safe Space Prayer Ministry  has been developed by Hazel Scarlett, who has a powerful testimony of how one encounter with Jesus began a journey of powerful healing from her own experience of trauma, abuse and addiction and subsequently a time of self-discovery that changed everything!  


Areas covered by the ministry usually include/but not limited to –

Abuse and Abandonment 

Soul Ties/Sexual Issues

Relationship Issues 

Negative Thinking Patterns



Negative Generational Patterns

Anxiety and Depression



Note:  1-1 Prayer Ministry is usually offered as   2 x 2 hour prayer sessions either over zoom or in person and is purely based on biblical principals of inner healing and deliverance and is free of charge!

Life Essence relies on your generous donations to support the work we do.  To see ways to give please click the link here



If you feel 1-1 prayer ministry is something that would benefit you or you have any questions please fill in the contact form below: