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Monthly Script-Time

January Script Time (Straight into Faith 2021)

February Script Time (I am Yours)

March Script Time (Breakout Relationships)

April Script Time (Rags to Riches)

May Script Time (Don’t Look Back in Anger)

June Script Time  (What’s Love Got to do with it)

July Script Time (The Power Within)

August Script Time  (New Wine)

September Script Time  (Tested in the Wilderness)

October Script Time  (Shed the Leaves)

December Script Time (The End)


Scripture’s for when your feeling Stuck- Change the Cycle!

Scriptures for Loving Your Enemies!

Scripture’s for when you are waiting upon God

The Battle-Spiritual Warfare Scriptures

Scriptures For The Brokenhearted

Scriptures for Our Homes- 29 Daily Scriptures

Scripture’s for Giving Thanks-ARE YOU GRATEFUL

Praying for Each Other

Scriptures for healing