Support within the Church


Some churches and organisations are already providing such a rounded ministry conducting seminars exploring why marriage preparation is an important element of a marriage standing the test of time.  Covering topics for their members on

  • Readiness for marriage
  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Friendship
  • Resolving conflict
  • Intimacy
  • Values

Included for married couples are conferences such as ‘MOT’ (Marriage on Track), where relationship experts are invited to impart valuable resources to keeping marriages wholesome and purposeful.  Nothing is left to the imagination as couples are given an appropriate space to alleviate preconceived issues before they take root.  Preparing and coaching spouses to elevate their unions with Christian principles to healthy levels.

In addition teachings are available for the ‘Single & Seeking’, Single & Sinning’ and ‘Single & Satisfied’.  Informing on the dating processes are just some of the areas exposed and analysed.

Having a good foundation in any relationship is paramount as it needs to be prepared to face the test of time.  Fundamentally this is an essential tool to acquire, ensuring bad practices that may lead to DOMESTIC ABUSE are eliminated or reduced and does not go unchallenged in the church.

Contact The Tabernacle Church for further information on their teaching and upcoming events on MOT

The Institute of Well-being provide a holistic approach to having a healthly lifestyle.  Their mission ‘is to support people to develop their wellbeing so that they are able to maximise their own sense of inner peace, life satisfaction, joy and function effectively in every area of life.’

Delivering training courses for all ages, including Coaching, Mentoring and Bespoke packages –

Just as a medical first aid kit is a requirement, your church should also have an emergency kit outlining your policies and safeguarding approach on DOMESTIC ABUSE.  Listed are details on organisations and advice on how to help, increase your knowledge and sign-posting but I want to leave this space for you ‘Your Church’ to be creative and decide what to have in your own emergency kit.

?picture of first aid box


I have below some pointers to place in your kit to get you started.

  • Do you have a policy informing your members of your commitment to support victims of DV?
  • How would this be communicated to the members without fear of reprisal?
  • For those who have an ‘active kit’ have you shared this with other churches and on your local Council Website?

*Some churches have leaflets inside the doors of toilets with practical and safe information and cards for them to leave details for direct or critical help/contact*

Mature ladies within the church (affectionately known as Mothers) are available to help those in need.  Some of you may have been abused under the guise of the ‘Man being the head of the house’ and are fully qualified to share experiences on coping techniques and survival tips.  Providing this support, will take courage and may not be an easy role to adapt.  In all support –  safety of all those involved must be at the utmost and underpinned with reflective therapeutic backing.


Organisations offering support