July Script-Time: How are you using your Gift

July is here and finally we have some sun, I’m feeling ever so thankful and grateful as I sit lapping up the natural vitamin D whilst writing this month’s Script-Time. Let’s pray that the good weather last, there is nothing like some sunshine, to keep us motivated and feeling good, whilst we are doing good….

June Script-Time: Fill me up!

Yes its that time again welcome to June’s monthly Script-Time, I am feeling extremely exited about this months script-time. We will be changing the format of how we will be reading, praying and connecting with the passages, to help enhance our spirituality and to hear from God. For those that are part of the LE…

Sexual Addiction

I am promoted to touch this subject of sex addiction for two main reasons really, one to raise awareness, the other reason being to provide a tiny insight into, what is sex addiction. It is vital to remember and to be aware that sex or any kind of addiction does not discriminate, regardless whether you…

How Does Jesus dying for our sins work then?

So many people ask what does it mean when we say “Jesus died for our sins,” like seriously what does that even mean? Okay so let me try and explain the best way I can, I’ll start by saying the cross is both ugly and beautiful. It is as ugly as human sin and as…

Galatians God’s Gift of Freedom: Teaching Presentation

Download Galatians God’s Gift of Freedom: Teaching Presentation Life Essence UK believes in reaching people from every background, race, religion, age or sex. To show how Jesus loves us all and to break the stereotypes of what it means to be a Christian in today’s world.