Unplugged-Sisterhood Women’s Ministry will be an active women’s ministry that can enhance the overall lives of women in many ways. By ministering to women’s unique needs and by purposely supporting, training and equipping women within their journey with Christ and for service. Ensuring that every woman within Faith finds a way to be involved in the mission of the church.


The purpose of the Unplugged-Sisterhood Women’s Ministry Department is to encourage, equip, promote, challenge and support women in their journey as disciples of Jesus Christ. Also as members of His Church, who will bring a  woman’s perspective to the issues that the Church may be facing. 

Unplugged-Sisterhood Women’s Ministry is support and ministry-driven. It is much more than an event, retreat, tea party, or annual worship program featuring women.  Unplugged-Sisterhood Women’s Ministry is about women growing in their spiritual life, church health and personal relationship with God, ready for serving.