About Our Founder


“I love people, I love to support, empower and encourage the people I meet to achieve their goals and become all they where created to be in Christ. 

Getting to know the real person excites me, and being able to provied safe spaces to empower you be be your true self….Well that is just magical!”

Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson

Kelleigh has worked professionally with vulnerable children and families with multiple and complex needs for over 20 years, within Local Authorities, National Health Services and Charity Organisations including church ministries.

Now Kelleigh uses her personal,  professional and educational skills and knowledge,  to develop safe supportive services for women and their community.  She has qualifications in; Social Work, Children and Young People, Complex Families, Child Health, Education and Training, Leadership and Management as well as Theology.

 Kelleigh has encountered many life struggles like most of us have, she has overcome emotional abuse and trauma from many different relationships, the stigma of being a teen parent, excelling despite having a learning need and the barriers this brings.

 Kelleigh knows it is through the grace of God that she has managed to get through the pain and hurts, the trials and tribulations life has thrown her way.  These experiences have led her to pursue and share her passion for people especially women through the building and creation of faith-based, healthy safe spaces, and environments where services can support women within their complexities.    Life Essence Ministry

Kelleigh grew up in South London and was raised in a family who devoted their lives to Jesus Christ. She attended Cogic  Fentiman Road Church in Vauxhall, along with her aunty Gospel Legend Lavine Hudson. This church was pastored by Kelleigh’s  Grandfather the late Superintend Austin Hudson, the son of  Pastor H. A Hudson who set up numerous ‘Church of God in Christ’  Churches and become the first overseer of 53 churches in  Kingston Jamaica  1925.

Kelleigh’s grandparents have been very instrumental and influential in her life, and it has been through this strong relationship with both them, as well as  God. That she has learned many of the morals, values and faith that she holds and acts out today.

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.