Kelleigh Founder/CEO

I grew up in South London and has been raised in a family who devotes their lives to Jesus. I attended church from a very young age with my grandparents, of which my grandfather was the Pastor of the church.

Both grandparents have been very instrumental and influential my life, it has been through my strong relationship with them that I has learned many of the morals, values and faith that I hold today.

I have encountered life struggles as most of us have, it has been through the grace of God that I managed to get through the trials and tribulations life has thrown my way.

Through God, this has led me to pursue and share my passion for people and building healthy environments a thoughts and wisdom through Life Essence Housing and Support. 

“I love people, I love to support, empower and encourage the people I meet to achieve their goals. Getting to know the real you excites me and supporting you be your true self is magical!”

Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson